What Does Marketing Support Look Like in a Digital Age?

In a nutshell: Strategic & Human

What You Should Expect from Your Marketing Partner

Your marketing partner needs to understand your business and customers. Here’s what you can expect from Chronicles Digital:

  • Increased Website Traffic & Lead Generation
    We offer a content strategy to attract website visitors organically through compelling, SEO-optimized web page copy, blog posts, video, and audio podcasts.
  • Multimedia Storytelling to Engage Your Audience
    Bring your website and social media channels to life with video testimonials and podcast stories.
  • Sales Enablement to Close Deals
  • Your sales team is part of our process! We create proposals, presentations, sell sheets, emails, and case studies to equip them for close-oriented sales conversations.
  • Lead Nurturing to Maintain Relationships
    Your database is a goldmine! Don’t let it go idle. We develop strategy and content for email marketing, content offers, and marketing automation to help move your list from lead to decision.

Our Services – Chronicles Digital

Bringing more than two decades of combined professional experience, we offer a broad range of “been there, done that” marketing support services for small- and mid-sized businesses in the Twin Cities, including:

  • Content strategy and development
  • Blog administration
  • WordPress content administration
  • Editorial calendar
  • Inbound marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • SEO optimization
  • Proposals and presentations
  • Sales enablement tools (sales decks, sell sheets, case studies)
  • Branded audio podcasts
  • Video scripting and production

Why Choose Chronicles Digital for Marketing Support?

With thousands of ‘digital marketing agencies’ to choose from, here’s what could you expect from Chronicles Digital:

We’re a Local Company for Personal Response

Howdy neighbor! We are in the Twin Cities, conveniently located in Prospect Park on University Avenue in Minneapolis. We serve local businesses because we believe in supporting our cities and neighborhoods here in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Personalized Solutions

Instead of presenting you with a preconceived solution to your business need, we listen first to you: how you operate, who your customers are now, and who you’d like them to be. When we listen, ideas start popping. The best solutions come from our relationship with you.

Versatile Skills

We are a small company (for now), but we bring experience in many areas that small-and mid-sized businesses find helpful. Check out our services.

Affordable (aka “Budget Empathy”)

We’ve bootstrapped solutions on little or no budget, too! Our goal is to provide a decent living for our team, to be helpful to our clients, and to be happy in our work.


We may be new as a company, but we’re bringing more than 20 years of professional marketing and communications experience from the worlds of agency, corporate, and small- and mid-sized businesses.


We know a lot about many different areas of digital marketing and sales enablement (see ‘Versatile Skills’ above) – but we don’t know everything. Fortunately, through our agency and corporate marketing years, we have developed professional connections of experts we trust (and like). What we don’t know, they do. We will hook you up, as the kids say.

Let’s Chat!

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