Marketing Second Shift Audio Podcast by Chronicles Digital

Marketing Second Shift is a podcast featuring Twin Cities businesses and sales and marketing experts to discuss how we thrive in a digital age. Hosted by Chronicles Digital.

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Episode 005 - Giant Cookies and Brand Differentiation

Meet Tina Rexing, owner of T. Rex Cookie in Minneapolis

Once she had her Big Cookie revelation, Tina has diligently built her brand to become a provider to U.S. Bank Stadium and the Minnesota Vikings, four local restaurants, and she recently added¬†International Cookie Consultant to her resume. Careful: Tina’s a Scorpio!


Episode 004 - Work-Life Balance, Traction EOS, S&M (Sales and Marketing)


Episode 003 - SEO, Google Tag Manager, and Tattoos
Tom Hodgson, tattoo, Seo, google analytics, SEMRush

18 Quick Bite segments here with digital marketing strategist and Google Guru, Tom Hodgson. Tom provides deep insights into how websites can get a little more love from the search engine overlords.


Episode 002 - Marketing Automation Eats the World: Eric Lehnen Interview
Eric Lehnen of Redpath Consulting discusses marketing automation options.

Interview with James Williams, owner of Sixth Chamber Used Books in St. Paul, Minnesota. We discuss how he helped build Amazon, why Richard Russo isn’t for everyone, and how to handle naked photos of your customers.


Episode 001 - The Sixth Chamber Used Books: Thriving in the Digital Age
Sixth Chamber Used Books on Grand Avenue in St. Paul

All things marketing automation! 9 Quick Bite segments here with Eric Lehnen, marketing automation consultant at Redpath Consulting. Eric gives great advice for companies considering marketing automation options.