Marketing Second Shift Episode 004: Jennifer Zick

To quote J.J. Walker from Good Times: DY-NO-MITE!

Jennifer Zick added a blast of marketing dynamite to this week’s episode of the Marketing Second Shift podcast.

Jennifer is founder of Authentic Brand, and in this episode, we discussed all things “JZ”, marketing and sales, Traction EOS, and even a little discussion about yoga.

Just click any of the players below to hear Quick Bite segments.


Get to know Jennifer Zick!

Jennifer talks about what makes her tick, how she unwinds, and the power of yoga.


Work-Life Balance?

Jennifer discusses her recent blog post about overcoming the pressures of the “work-life balance” mindset.


What Is EOS?

Jennifer has been using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (aka “Traction”) methodology. Now her company (Authentic Brand) help EOS businesses plan and execute marketing.


What Does Authentic Brand Do?

Jennifer goes beyond the elevator pitch to tell us about why she founded Authentic Brand and how she helps clients.


Why Unique Selling Propositions Fall Short

Your business “uniques” are a good place to start, but Jennifer helps companies go further.


Get With the Program!

Which two industries does Jennifer think have a hard time adapting to the new realities of sales and marketing?


Why Jennifer Zick Cares About Your Sales Team

You’ll often hear Jennifer discuss sales strategies and pulling in the sales team. I thought she was a marketer! What’s going on here?


Nothing is Automatic About Marketing Automation

Jennifer discusses the realities of implementing an inbound marketing strategy. She says it’s more than just flipping on the lead-generation switch!


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