Digital Bubble Bursters

While many agencies proclaim they are ‘digital natives’, we approach marketing from a classic marketing style: creatively and strategically. All the cool gadgets and software are just tools for us to apply to a digital strategy for your business.

What we do

We provide marketing support for inbound lead generation and conversion – and a full range of traditional marketing support services.

Why we do it

We love helping businesses solve marketing problems. Period.

Chronicles Digital team story
Our Story

Once upon a time, two wild and crazy marketing guys worked together in one of those corporate-type marketing communications jobs. They loved working together. They learned from one another.

They raised the bar in the company and helped win new business.

They each went forward in their separate career paths, picking up new skills and experiences, but they always knew they wanted to team up again.

Now they have, with Chronicles Digital.

Chronicles Digital

Meet Your Team

chaunce stanton co-founder of Chronicles Digital
Chaunce Stanton

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Chaunce brings a business-growth mindset and problem-solving approach to everything he does. In addition to digital marketing, website development, and marketing project management, Chaunce helps business development and sales teams with the tools they need, like sales decks, sell sheets, case studies, and tradeshow strategy. When he's not being a marketing hero, Chaunce tends his sprawling urban garden, blacksmiths amateurishly, and threatens to finally complete his third novel.

Jason McGrath, COO and Co-founder of Chronicles Digital
Jason McGrath

Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder

Jason is a talented and creative marketing geek with a love of all things video production. If you can see his wheels turning while you describe your business and/or marketing goals, that’s a good thing. It means that his brain is marinating in a bubbling cauldron of marketing strategy, audience analysis, messaging vehicles, and laser-guided marketing content. When he’s not Photoshopping his corporate head-shot onto tropical background images, he enjoys the salt of an ocean, deep-sea fishing, and SCUBA diving with his dive partner/wife Ann and their three children.

Chronicles Digital cast of thousands
Cast of Thousands

Inhouse services bolstered by outsourced, managed skills

Chronicles Digital delivers our services from our own experienced team, but if we need to extend our capacity or skill set, we efficiently reach out to a talented network of skill tacticians. Then we manage those additional resources. Like a hawk.

Experience + Creativity + Can-Do

We offer a broad range of marketing services because we've done it all for businesses!

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