Marketing Second Shift Podcast Episode 005: Tina Rexing

What’s Your Big Cookie?

In this week’s episode of the Marketing Second Shift podcast, I interview Tina Rexing, owner of T. Rex Cookie in Minneapolis.

Her business story is compelling.

Tina’s product differentiator is the size of her cookies. She could make “normal-sized” cookies. They require the same ingredients. But she knows her customers, and her customers love cookies that you need two hands to hold.

It made me ask myself: What’s our Big Cookie?

It’s a good lesson for us as we build Chronicles Digital. We have all the ingredients that other marketing firms have, but what is our Big Cookie?

This podcast is one Big Cookie.

Creating content from a total brand perspective is another cookie. We’re mixing dough and testing things in our marketing kitchen, and we’re learning from each guest we talk to. I hope you’re learning from (and enjoying) these episodes, too!

We’re going to find the recipe for our Big Cookie, and we hope you find yours! Meanwhile, sit back with a big ol’ cookie and enjoy a great conversation with Tina Rexing!

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